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John Mayer turned 35 this week. Yay.

He is also dating Katy Perry again. Sigh.

Looks like Perry is determined to make sure he’s not “The One That Got Away,” though some think she needs to be more “Wide Awake” and see what’s going on here.

Guess there’s really a “Firework” between them. Okay, we’ll stop.


The two were photographed together again on Tuesday night, where Mayer celebrated his 35th birthday with about a dozen pals, Katy Perry among them.

Decked in a ladylike floral dress, Perry sat right next to the birthday boy during the low-key meal, which went on for several hours; his father was also there.

“It was a very tame and civil,” a witness says. “They talked and laughed but nobody got crazy. Everyone looked like they were having fun. John seemed happy.”

“John had a great time. He’s matured.”

Sure he has.

Mayer first began dating the recently divorced singer back in June … reports soon surfaced that Katy was in love with John Mayer and felt she could change his ways.

They split, got back together, split again and now this.

What do you think: Katy Perry and John Mayer