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A county judge in Lubbock, Texas, recently predicted a possible “civil war” if President Barack Obama is re-elected this November, according to reports.

Judge Tom Head was making a case for a local tax increase, saying hiring extra sheriff’s deputies would especially be needed if Obama wins in 2012.

You know, to ward off the United Nations troops.

From Fox 34 News: “He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N., and what is going to happen when that happens?”

“I’m thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe.”

“And we’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.”

“Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops. I don’t want ’em in Lubbock County.”

“OK. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’.”

“And the sheriff, I’ve already asked him, I said ‘you gonna back me’ he said, ‘yeah, I’ll back you’. Well, I don’t want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me.”

This guy is making Ted Nugent so proud right about now.

Asked about this, Sheriff Kelly Rowe told a Lubbock newspaper reporter that he has never discussed any of the scenarios with the judge.

Wednesday, Judge Head explained his remarks to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, saying his comments were taken out of context.

But as the county’s emergency management director, he said he has to keep a “worst case scenario” in mind if Obama returns to the White House.

“I have some opinions what they’re doing and what they’re trying to do if they stay in power,” Head said. “And I have to prepare for that.”

Fun fact: President Obama won only 31.26% of the vote in Lubbock County in 2008, compared to 43.6% in Texas statewide and 52.9% nationally.

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