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A Cleveland-area man was arrested for carrying a gun, ammunition and several knives into a 10 p.m. Saturday showing of the The Dark Knight Rises.

Police in North Ridgeville, Ohio, said that a manager was suspicious of the man, who was carrying the items in a satchel, when he arrived in the theater.

Just weeks after the infamous and tragic Colorado shooting, the manager and an off-duty police officer working security searched the man’s bag.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

He was arrested without incident and his home was searched Monday night. It’s unclear if the raid on his property unearthed any other weapons.

The suspect’s name and other details have not been released officially by police, but unconfirmed reports identify him as 37-year-old Scott Smith.

Smith reportedly does not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

James Holmes, 24, is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 more at a midnight showing of the The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo., July 20.