LuAnn De Lesseps Defends Herself Against Cheating Rumors

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Countess LuAnn De Lesseps is standing up for herself... by saying she never lay down with a Johnny Depp-lookalike on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

On Monday night's installment of this Bravo hit, Viewers watched the 47-year-old mother of two getting her flirt on with a Frenchman named Tomas who was dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow.

"You have to make a special pirate introduction," LuAnn Tomas. "I want to be special, not like your other pirate women."

Some Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn later knocked on Heather Thomson's door, Tomas by her side, and then also placed a phone call the following day in which she seemed to reference a pirate booty call with the suitor.

But, in light allegations that she cheated on long-term boyfriend Jacques, the Countess has released a statement to OK! in which she explains what happened.

"What may have looked like infidelity on last night’s episode was in reality, a ride home and a tour of the house after an evening of fun on vacation eight months ago," LuAnn said yesterday. "Do you think I would bring a man back to a houseful of housewives (and cameras) if I were planning on having an affair?"

It's a decent question.

LuAnn says she and her man recently returned from a vacation to Lake George and are "united and happy." Are you buying her tale?

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