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In a strange and funny moment, London Mayor Boris Johnson got stuck on a zip line during a celebration for the city’s 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

The cause of the mid-air snafu was not immediately clear.

ITV, the British partner of NBC, which is broadcasting the Olympics (or at least trying to), reported that Johnson had to be pulled the rest of the way down by some folks on the ground. Happens to the best of us, Boris …

Boris Johnson, London Mayor, Stuck on Zipline

According to The Telegraph newspaper, Johnson was set to debut as the first person to use the brand new zip line, in Victoria Park, East London.

Hopefully he won’t be the last after this.

“Get me a rope, get a ladder,” he was quoted as saying. “I think the brakes got stuck.” Whatever it was, he spent about five minutes up there.

He made the best of it, at least. Johnson could seen waving dueling British flags and leading the audience in cheering the British Olympic team.

Hopefully he got a chance to see the video of McKayla Maroney on the vault once he got down safe and sound. She was awesome!