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Kellan Lutz may be rich and famous and possess the ridiculous body of a Greek God, but he’s really just any guy in his mid-20s.

The Twilight Saga star opened up to People over the weekend at Heineken’s U.S. Open Player Party in New York City and said he’s grown “more mature when it comes to women and relationships.”

Like any of us, he had a lot of learning to do.

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“I was in this one relationship where I told her things about myself that wasn’t really me,” Lutz says, possibly talking about ex AnnaLynne McCord. “I said I liked this certain band only because she liked them. Then she bought me tickets to their concert and I was stuck in going. It’s not fair to her and to me.”

Lutz wants to be with somebody who loves him for who he truly is, a philosophy that has landed him in the arms of Australian actress Sharni Vinson, 29. They’ve been dating for about a year.

“Sharni’s personality and mine very much complement each other, and we connect on every level,” Lutz said. “She has a big personality so we have great conversations and laugh so much. I’m never fake with her, and it makes our relationship so easy. It’s all about being honest.”