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Jeffrey S. Hubbard, a family friend of Usher and Tameka’s Foster, is under investigation for the role he played in the accident that has left 11-year old Kyle Glover in a coma.

According to the Georgia police department, Hubbard was riding his jet ski along Lake Lanier and “ran over the top” of two juveniles who were being pulled by a pontoon and riding an inner tube.

Sgt. Mike Burgamy, as reported by The New York Daily News, says two of his rangers actually witnessed the crash. He added that alcohol did NOT play a role, but neither did any kind of mechanical malfunction.

Jenn Goicoechea and Usher

The second victim, an unidentified 15-year old female, and Glover were both wearing life jackets.

“One minute the jet ski was running around, the next he ran over the top of them. It happened that quickly,” Burgamy said. “It appears the watercraft did strike both juveniles, with the male taking the brunt of the force.”

It’s unclear at the moment whether any charges will be filed against Hubbard.

In the meantime, Foster is keeping vigil at her son’s bedside, while Usher has spent considerable time at the hospital with his ex-wife and the child who he raised as his own for seven years. Celebrities have been sending their sympathy and support.

It’s a tragic situation all around.