Rupert Sanders: Who is Kristen Stewart's Alleged Hook-Up?

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In bombshell news this week, Kristen Stewart is accused of having an affair with Rupert Sanders.

This report - corroborated by People, E! News and Us Weekly - raises many questions about the future of Stewart's relationship with Robert Pattinson, along with the pressing inquiry of: Who the heck is Rupert Sanders?

This much we know about him:

  • He's British.
  • Following a series of commercials, Snow White and the Huntsman marked his first feature film as a director.
  • He's married to a model named Liberty Ross and he has two children, a seven-year old daughter and a five-year old son.
  • On the red carpet of the Snow White premiere, Sanders gushed over Stewart, telling E!:  "She's very strong and very driven, and I think that's true in her personal life... She's got a big weight of the world on her shoulders and she carries it incredibly well."

Sanders and Stewart allegedly hooked up just one time, but photographs of the encounter exist and are supposedly published in the latest edition of Us Weekly.

Is this nothing but the latest tabloid rumors surrounding Robsten? Or is one of Hollywood's most beloved couples about to explode before the eyes of a watchful nation?

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