America's Got Talent Results: Who Was Saved?

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Coming off a mostly disappointing audition episode, which acts on America's Got Talent advanced to the next round? Results were announced last night...

All Wheel Sports on America's Got Talent

Eliminations - Solo Male Variety
Rock Star Juggler Mike Price needs to change his name to "Really Good Juggler" Mike Price. When you add a unicycle, which immediately eliminates any form of "Rock Star" or sexiness. If Piers was still around, when he dropped a club, he would have been buzzed.

Cristin Sandu was an obvious elimination, though the sadist in me wished there was a Gymkana-style accident where he caught on fire.

Eliminated: Rock Star Juggler Mike Price, Cristin Sandu
Advanced: Jacob Williams

Eliminations - Color
Inspire the Fire just wasn't good when they performed. They have a sympathetic story, but sympathy could only get a group so far. Let them inspire children on a smaller level, but not as a Vegas act. All Beef Patty was okay, but didn't move. I wonder if Prince Poppycock was competing this season, would he have been more accepted now that Piers Morgan wasn't around.

Light Wire Theater was the clear and obvious frontrunner. They have at least three more weeks to create some more shapes if they haven't already been working on their designs.

Eliminated: Inspire the Fire, All Beef Patty
Advanced: Light Wire Theater

Eliminations - Dance and Song
There was an outside shot that people really wanted to see this dreaded "Turf vs. Elusive" storyline, but luckily no one really wanted to. I still thought Lindsey Norton was better than both, but we'll see next week if she will be the one solo dancer against Turf. Jake Wesley Rogers wasn't ready for the big stage, he needed a few more coffee shops and smaller venues to grow, but this had to be a great learning experience for Jake. This left a really obvious choice for the Untouchables to advance. The two week Olympic break will help this group stay fresh if they stick to a salsa/samba style.

Eliminated: Elusive, Jake Wesley Rogers
Advanced: The Untouchables

Final Eliminations
When Spencer basically said, "Ouchies, my elbow!" you knew that no one was going to vote for him. This left us with two very interesting choices. I didn't prefer Wordspit not because of their original song, but because of the chaos that ensued during the performance. It was a lot of noise and that comes from someone that likes Skrillex. All Wheel Sports did miles better than their direct competition, American BMX Stunt Team, both because they seem to have a more youthful approach, but also a more creative way of using the stage. Howard seemed to continue to champion his band flag, but Howie and Sharon weren't having it.

Eliminated: Spencer Horseman
Wordspit and the Illest!'s Vote: Howard
All Wheel Sports' Vote: Howie, Sharon