The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Boozy Brunch

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The Real Housewives of New York City somehow take a "Boozy Brunch" and turn in into a trip to London. Come on, admit it. You wish you could too.

We'll break down how they did it in THG's +/- recap!

What do you think of the new girls? I'm giving them a Minus 10. Were they really complaining about the traffic in NYC? Boring. This is not what I tuned in to see. I think they're making me miss the old crew.

Boozy Brunch Pic

And Ramona and Luann are already ditching them but Sonja joins their brunch and it quickly turns into drinks at a rooftop bar. Plus 8 for keeping things moving.

I'm not sure what to make of Aviva. On the one hand she has issues on top of her issues. My first instinct was to hit her with a Minus 9 for the multiple phobias.

She's afraid of flying, heights, and she's claustrophobic. Then she explains it stems from her traumatic childhood accident where she lost her leg and suddenly I feel like a heel so I'll add the points back with one extra.  Plus 10.

Aviva's husband, Reid joins the girls because Aviva needs the backup. Apparently it's the heights thing with the rooftop bar. Everyone is all aflutter because Reid doesn't wear a wedding ring and Sonja is downright appalled. 

Minus 11 for making such a big deal out of it. I think it's between Aviva and Reid and no one else's business. If the guy's going to cheat he's going to cheat. A metal band on his finger isn't about to stop him.

Ramona Singer is Insane

But apparently Sonja swayed Aviva because she drags Ramona out to buy a wedding band for her hubby. Minus 8. Did a few silly words from Sonja really make this an issue after five years of marriage? If that's the case maybe Reid should no longer be allowed to wear the "lumber jack, do it to me now" shirt out of the house.

Did anyone else think it was really rude that Aviva had Heather on speaker phone and didn't tell her? Minus 10. Of course it was also rude to take the call in the middle of dealing with the sales woman but it seems no one has manners any more.  Especially when it comes to cell phones.

Heather called to invite Aviva on a girls weekend to London.  Of course not all of the girls were invited. Heather hasn't invited Ramona who is standing their listening to this phone call. Well, that's awkward.

But my favorite part of the night is when Ramona asks Aviva, "Does Heather let you speak?" Aviva's response, "No, but I don't have the balls to say it."  At least she admits it.  Plus 12.

And Aviva also earns points for actually being a hands on mom. Plus 8 because how many of these Real Housewives have we seen bathing their kids? 

The Real Housewives of NY Season 5 Cast

Oh, and what was it that Aviva's husband did again? A real estate developer, I think? Whatever it is he's obviously good at it.  A bathroom that size in Manhattan must cost a large fortune. It was the size of most city apartments.

What's with the Something About Harry storyline we've got going on this season?  Every week the ladies mention how they've slept with Aviva's ex.  I wish Aviva had the balls to tell them she doesn't want to hear about it any more but that doesn't look likely.  Minus 7.

A couple of other notes for the night…

  • Yes, Carole resembles Steven Tyler and it's a scary, scary thing. Minus 8.
  • Who else thinks Sonja needs to drop the Homemaker line. It doesn't suit her. Stick to Sonja in the City and party. It's what she does best.
  • Ramona apologizes to Heather. Plus 7. We'll see if it helps these two budding enemies. I doubt it.
  • Luann and Jacque are jumping the whole marriage talk and headed straight for baby making? I guess there's no time to waste.
  • Did Ramona actually tell Aviva it was too early for wine?!? Has Hell frozen over? Plus 10.


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