Nick Stahl: Missing Again After Leaving Rehab!

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Nick Stahl's family and friends are once again searching for the missing Terminator actor after he bailed on rehab against his doctor's orders days ago.

Stahl, who was reported missing last month before contacting friends and family and entering treatment, has disappeared anew, according to reports.

"He's been missing for about four days," the actor's estranged wife, Rose Murphy Stahl, confirmed to E! News Monday. "I don't want to comment any further."

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After checking out of rehab, the Terminator 3 star went to stay at a friend's. He was then seen in downtown L.A., but after that, Stahl returned back to his friends.

He has not been spotted since he left a friend's house Thursday.

The source says: "He's disappeared. We can't find him anywhere. He hasn't made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him."

"Everyone just wants him to come home," the source adds, with no luck so far. "It's just a terrible situation. We are searching, but we've had no solid leads."

Here's hoping he surfaces safe and sound once again.