Lady Gaga Surpasses 25 Million Twitter Fans

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Despite occasional criticism, protests and terrorist threats across Asia, Lady Gaga remains one of the world's most popular celebs and the undisputed Queen of Twitter.

With 25 million followers, she retains the top spot over Justin Bieber. The 22.5 million Beliebers have a ways to go if they want to catch up to the Little Monsters.

The 26-year-old star reached the milestone last night. "#25milliontweetymonsters wow! I'm officially feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today," she tweeted.

"Last sold out show in Singapore in 2 hrs!"

Lady Gaga Will Cut You

Bieber, 18, is not far behind Gaga, and his growth rate nearly matches hers. Months ago, the pop sensations were at 20 and 18 million followers, respectively.

A whopping 20.4 million follow Katy Perry, Rihanna has around 19.5 million devotees and Britney Spears has 17.2 million, meaning pop stars own spots 1-5.

President Obama, with 16 million, is ahead of Kim Kardashian, whose management team spouts off vapid nonsense and plugs useless crap to 14.8 million "fans."


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