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The UnFair campaign, a new anti-racism effort from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, challenges racial stereotypes by pointing the finger at white privilege.

As such, it has been accused by some critics as being racist itself.

University of Minnesota-Duluth calls the UnFair Campaign “a major anti-racism effort focusing on the role white people can play in addressing racial disparities.”

Sounds good, right? See if you think so after watching it:

University of Minnesota Anti-Racism Campaign

The 30-second spot shows multiple white men and women, remarks stenciled in black on their faces, explaining what being white provides them inherently.

One white male declares, “society was setup for us, and our silence keeps it in place.” Fairly or not, it looks to associates fair skin and features with guilt.

UMD’s Chancellor Lendley Black, who supports the effort, said he sought to “create an inclusive campus climate for all” with the campaign’s components.

The campaign has elicited some strong reactions from those who criticize it for being anti-white more than anti-racism. Tell us what you think of it below: