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Lindsay Lohan was in fact involved in a skirmish at a nightspot in L.A. recently … at least according to a witness who allegedly saw it go down.

A man who worked at the Standard Hotel the night Lohan attacked a woman (supposedly) claims he saw Lindsay there, and even broke it up!

Marisa Dugas went to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. and filed an incident report, claiming she was at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard.

Lindsay and Bader Image

It went down Thursday night when she approached Lindsay’s table and started talking to a guy, and Lindsay allegedly pushed and shoved her.

Lindsay insists she was at home the entire evening.

The man who worked that night claims he saw Lindsay Lohan in Smoke and Mirrors sitting with a group of people when all hell broke loose. 

He says Marisa sat down near them and began speaking with one of the guys, and that for whatever reasons, people in the group threw ice at her.

Marisa got upset and a scuffle erupted, with Lindsay part of the scuffle. The witness says he then broke it up and Dugas was escorted out of the club.

Crying, she claimed Lindsay hurt her, but refused medical attention.

There are no pictures that have surfaced of Lindsay at the Standard Thursday night, but the man says there is a surveillance video that might.

The alleged witness has spoken to the police about this.

L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. personnel have already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel, but management won’t give it up.

This could all be an attempt to frame her – it’s his word against hers until proof surfaces, and it’s a minor incident – but that’s what he says.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]