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M.I.A. recently made headlines for flipping her middle finger at the Super Bowl.

Now she’s pointing the finger at CNN anchor Anderson Cooper of all people.

Why, you ask? The apparent lack of news coverage about an issue close to her heart – the slaughter of Tamil civilians in her native Sri Lanka – led to a heated exchange with Cooper and allegations that he branded her a “terrorist.”

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Disappointed in AC’s perceived failure to report the atrocities, M.I.A. lashed out.

“@AndersonCooper called me a terrorist for speaking out, and expressed support for the SLgov,” she wrote, adding that “respected journos” don’t “get it wrong.”

That statement prompted a sharp rejoinder from Cooper:

“What are you talking about?… you are mistaken. I never called you a terrorist. I don’t even know who you are other than the lady who sang at superbowl.”

“YOU CALLED ME A LADY TAMIL TIGER when i talked about tamil civilians dying, and u printed a retraction,” M.I.A. responded, linking to a 2009 blog post.

Its title: “Lady Tamil Tiger gives pop culture a bang.”

Anderson later added: “By the way, I defended your finger pointing at the superbowl, so check your facts. I’ve no idea what youre tweeting about.”

The artist clarified the purported offense.

“In 2009 u linked to a articl [sic] that was written about me with false info. there was a rebuttal on ur 360 site,” wrote M.I.A. (real name iMaya Arulpragasam).

Keeping her honest, Cooper then called her out for confusing semantics that managed to make him sound like he was personally attacking via headlines.

“You’ve gone from saying ‘I wrote’, ‘I called you,’ to saying my cnn show blog had a link to an article. Big difference,” he noted, adding “we link to many articles with different viewpoints, and we gave you an opportunity to respond.”

Suffice to say, that explanation seemed to cool MIA’s heels a bit.

“2 months later 1ce every tamil had been silenced including me, the SLGOV carried out the killing of 40, 000 civilians,” she replied.

“p.s. thank you for defending my finger. Please watch Channel 4.”

Cooper tweeted his final word on the matter and they made up.

“I can understand your frustration if someone wrote untrue things about you, and I’m glad you were able to respond,” he tweeted, “And the brutal war in SL has not gotten enough coverage in the US, and I know that very upsetting.”

“im glad u understand but please watch #killingfields because this is what i was trying to say,” MIA replied, putting the brief feud to bed.

And that’s that.