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The journey of Rachel Crow on The X Factor may have ended in tears, but this 14-year old former contestant has a reason to smile today:

She’s nearing a deal with Nickelodeon to anchor her very own series!

“We are in the early stages now,” Crow tells The New York Post. “I want it to be definitely very ‘Rachel.’ Something that shows who I am and who I want to be.”

Simon Cowell, who served as Crow’s mentor during her X Factor run and expressed extreme disappointment when she was sent home, added in a statement:

“I am incredibly happy for Rachel,” Simon Cowell said in a prepared statement. “This girl has it. We saw her potential at the first audition and Nickelodeon and Columbia are the right homes for her.”

While the network that made stars out of Miranda Cosgrove and Amanda Bynes, among others, figured out exactly how to shape Rachel’s show, she’ll appear on multiple episodes of Fred: The Show as a character named Starr. Yes, folks, she’ll sing.