Khloe & Lamar Recap: Losing Sleep Over It

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After a sex-swing filled season 2 premiere one week ago, the newest episode of Khloe & Lamar was more subdued, as the latter was literally losing sleep over the NBA lockout. This had widespread ramifications for the family.

Read on for THG's recap of the episode, +/- style...

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"I think it's because of the lockout," Lamar says. "Basketball's always been able to wear me down." Wonder if he blames his 8 PPG/5 RPG on the lockout too. Minus 29.

Lamar says he sometimes goes 2-3 DAYS without sleeping. Plus 19 for even being able to function as a human being, much less in an NBA game, if that's even half-true.

"Lamar has been keeping me up. It is so frustrating," Khloe whines. Minus 7.

Due to Lamar keeping Khloe up all night, she oversleeps and ends up being late to a photo shoot. Plus 10 for sparing us Khloe Kardashian pics for a few hours.

"You have not been able to get pregnant because of our guys' sleep schedule," Kim Kardashian says. "It's out of hand." As is Kim's entire existence. Minus 20.

The poster above says "Wherevear." Minus 40.

Khloe / the producers try warm milk, massages, sleep masks, whale sounds, even drugging Lamar with melatonin, which he sees through. Fail. Minus 20.

Malika Haqq, Khloe's friend and assistant, has been dating NFL player Adrian Wilson for a while and Khloe isn't exactly a fan of the Arizona Cardinal.

Adrian says he was married for nine years and has three kids, and Khloe feels he may has moved on too quickly. Doesn't Lamar have three kids?

If so, Minus 10, but only for being hypocritical.

Malika goes to her sister, Khadijah, for advice. Yes, we are officially watching a plot line involving the assistant to Khloe Kardashian on TV. Minus 15.

Malika later tells her that she broke up with Adrian. "I know what I did is the right thing and that's it," Malika tells a shocked Khloe. Good call. Plus 30.


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