West Memphis 3 Featured in HBO Documentary

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Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory is the latest in a series of HBO documentaries about the West Memphis Three, released last year after 18 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Revealing injustices perpetrated by the Arkansas penal system against the men, now in their 30s, has become a goal the filmmakers will stop at nothing to achieve.

This travesty chronicling the betrayal of the young murder victims - and the wrongly convicted - has become one of the most famous cases in modern law.

Known as the West Memphis 3, Damian Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley were freed in August after 18 years in prison under an obscure statute.

In an odd, legal twist, the trio entered a plea of guilty in court and were subsequently set free, with a twist. They were never technically exonerated.

Known as an "Alford plea," the defendants essentially admitted there was enough evidence to convict them, yet maintain the right to state their innocence.

Immediately following their release, Damien and Jessie held a press conference and insisted they served 18 years for a crime they "did not commit."

Their story, a must-see for anybody who cares about justice, was laid out in all its cynical truth in the last of the series, Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory.

The film first aired on HBO last night. Look for a re-airing if you missed it.