Tim Gunn: Celibate for 29 Years!

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Make it work, Tim Gunn often tells contestants on Project Runway.

But the fashion guru made a startling confession yesterday during a segment on ABC's The Revolution: he has not "made it work" with a sexual partner in nearly three decades!

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Admitting that he has not had intercourse in "29 years," the openly gay designer was especially emotional and honest during the show.

"I'm a perfectly fulfilled person," he said of his decision to remain celibate. "But it's very physiological."

Gunn held back tears at multiple points and spoke of his ex-partner, someone who he described as "impatient with my sexual performance," which prompted the 58-year old to go the abstinence route.

But Gunn also went out of his way to emphasize that sex is not everything. Far from it, in fact, stating simply:

"I'm happy to be healthy and alive, frankly."

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