Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Moves Out, Kieffer Delp Continues to Wear Hoodie

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You gotta love the super-delayed episodes of MTV's Teen Mom 2.

Just last week, we reported Jenelle Evans' arrest for harassing an ex-roommate. Now, we get raw footage of Jenelle squabbling with roommates about a year earlier!

Talk about foreshadowing. And a complete train wreck.

Also on Tuesday night's episode, we got a glimpse into Jo Rivera's "music career." Seriously. Guess that's what that tool does when his family watches Isaac for him.

Anyway, let's get down to this week's recap, THG's +/- style!

The Cast of Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans starts off our recap just because. The girl already got arrested a second time this year. Minus 50 for that even though it's not even part of the show!

We begin with Jenelly at home with mom Barbara. Okay, sorry. Side note: You HAVE to follow this (probably fake) Babs Evans Twitter account. Hilarious. Plus 40.

Jenelle is "about to flip the f--k out" after going almost a day without smoking pot. A DAY, people. OMG. It's not THAT awesome Jenelle. Get a grip! Minus 90.

Moreover, she rips Barbara for not sympathizing with her stressful life. Babs' comeback? "I did not choose to have a baby at 57." Blam. PWNED. Plus 80.

"You chose to have a baby and put all the responsibility on me," adds grandma. It's true. What does Jenelle even do all day?! Minus 20. Kailyn works AND goes to school!

Fed up with Barb, she moves in with Tori and Tyler. Tori askes Jenelle how she felt about leaving "so many memories." LOL. She's never home, and when she is, it's never positive. Plus the pot killed whatever brain cells she had long ago. Minus 25.

Kieffer hoodie sighting!! Plus 10.

Give Kailyn Lowry credit for trying to better herself in school, but let's hope she's not a communications major. In real life, she's pretty terrible at that.

What do we mean, you ask? Jo Rivera's family learning she was dating via Facebook, and filing for child support without talking to Jo first. Way to be up front! Minus 15.

Oh, and let's not forget the way she moved out of her mom's. Minus 5 more.

Plus 10 for Jo (and Jo's family) proving to be responsible caretakers, even if he can be a giant tool ... who needs money for his music career. Seriously. Plus 50 for the greatness that is Jo aka N.I.C.K. B dropping the beats below ...

Chelsea Houska lands a job at a tanning salon. In South Dakota. Seriously, Plus 10 for getting a job at all, but Minus 20 for looking so unnaturally orange.

Baby daddy Adam Lind? He's kind of a waste of space and isn't around much. Minus 15 for all the times this loser says he's too tired ... or nothing at all.

Honestly, guy makes Kailyn look like an expert communicator. Fortunately for Chels, our man Randy is always there for her, even if it's hard. Plus 5.

Leah Messer is still dealing with Ali's health issues. Minus 5. Poor thing.

Just last week we were celebrating baby Ali's "normal" test results and first time standing ... now there is a chance of skeletal dysplasia, or dwarfism. :(

Poor Ali. And Leah and Corey. Yes, Leah Messer is pregnant and engaged to someone else, but how could it have possibly worked with Corey, given all this?

Plus 30, because she actually seems like a mature girl for her age, and clearly tries her best with awful situations most of us could never, ever imagine.

Minus 10, though, if the girls' health woes are at all dramatized.

Recent pictures show a stark contrast between Ali and Alleah, so clearly there are some big issues. One just wonders if it should be handled more privately.

Corey's camouflage cap and neon T-shirt made us momentarily think our TV was messed up. Plus 20 for this incredible fashion-forward style statement.


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