Report: Violent Jack Wagner Blowup Led to Heather Locklear Hospitalization

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What kind of a role did Jack Wagner play in Heather Locklear's recent hospitalization?

That's the question many are wondering now, considering a new report that links a violent fight between the soap opera actor and the former Melrose Place star prior to her overdose last week on a mixture of drugs and alcohol.

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Heather Locklear in London

A sourceĀ  tells Star Magazine that Wagner accompanied his on-again/off-again girlfriend to her house last week, in order to gather some belongings, when "a huge argument ensued."

"As Heather went to her car, Jack lunged at her, trying to grab or push her. Her reaction was to swing," the insider claims. "She caught Jack with a right hook across his face, knocking him to the ground."

This mole goes on to say that Wagner recovered; slammed Locklear into the car; and ran into the house. The police later arrived, but Heather said she did not want to press charges.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Locklear and Wagner have been ordered to appear in an attorney's office due to ANOTHER massive blowup between them in December.

In occurred at Wagner's house and also turned physical. Though neither chose to press charges, a hearing will still be held to determine whether misdemeanor battery charges will come down against either party.

It sounds like these two made the right decision to call off their engagement late last year, huh?

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