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Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann formally ended her campaign for the White House this morning, just one day after Mitt Romney’s Iowa caucus victory.

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice. And I have decided to stand aside,” the GOP Congresswoman from Minnesota told reporters today.

They spoke, indeed, dealing her a disappointing sixth-place finish.

Elizabeth Warren for President
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The Queen of Rage could not become The Queen of Votes.

Despite Bachmann’s extensive tour to visit all 99 of Iowa’s counties, her August straw poll win, and the state being her place of birth, she garnered just five percent.

Her communications director Alice Stewart told reporters following the news conference that conversations began last night about whether to continue the campaign.

The congresswoman asked for time to “sleep on it” and “pray about it.” Stewart said she was awoken early Wednesday morning with the news that Michele was out.

Bachmann has not yet discussed whether she will seek reelection to her U.S. House seat in Minnesota, Stewart said, or whether she will endorse another candidate.

Also unclear if last night’s second-place finisher will reach out to her supporters with the following tagline: Rick Santorum: Conservative Like Bachmann, But Less Crazy!