Is Taylor Armstrong Headed for Rehab?

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A series of disturbing incidents have friends of Taylor Armstrong wondering: does this reality star belong in rehab?

Leaving the question of who the heck would be friends with Taylor Armstrong aside, Radar Online cites an episode captured for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in which Armstrong gets so drunk that she climbs into a suitcase. Elsewhere, she apparently stumbled out of a restaurant last week, struggling to the point where a witness said:

Angry Taylor Armstrong

“Judging by the way she was staggering, she was very drunk. She couldn’t stand up without help and was being held up by her friend as she walked to the car. She looked absolutely wasted."

An insider adds that Taylor doesn't drink every day - but when she does drink, it's always in excessive amounts and the results are rarely pretty.

"Taylor's closest friend and advisers have told her that she needs to go to rehab," this source says "Taylor admits that alcohol has become her crutch in dealing with Russell's suicide, and coping with the drama of being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...

... but she is refusing to go to rehab, primarily because of [daughter] Kennedy."

That's sweet. Taylor will profit from a number of interviews regarding Kennedy's late father, but, hey, at least she draws the line somewhere. And that place, allegedly, is choosing NOT to make herself into a better person.


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