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Kris Humphries is once again threatening Kim Kardashian with the “S” word. No, not sex tape. She’d be all about that.

Instead, Star Magazine claims the NBA free agent – who is still without a team – is demanding his episodic salary gets bumped from $28,500 per week to $50,000. Otherwise, he will file a lawsuit against E!.

“Kris is freaking out about his finances, even though the NBA lockout has ended,” an insider says. “After all, it’s his storyline that is making the show a success this season!”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
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Reportedly, Kardashian has control over Kourtney & Kim Take New York‘s content and has gone out of her way to portray herself as the victim in this divorce, something her ex-husband is far from pleased about, considering he thinks the entire marriage was a deception on Kim’s part.

“He was nothing more than a disposable groom, used for ratings,” the source adds. “He feels he deserves some type of compensation.”

Kim, meanwhile, said last night that she isn’t currently on the lookout for love. But you never know when a publicist will tell you it’s time time to pretend again like you found it.