Pippa Middleton Criticized For $1.5M Book Deal

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Pippa Middleton is enduring some pretty harsh criticism amid reports that she's nearing a deal to release her first book - and getting paid $1.5 million for it.

On one hand, it seems harmless. Why shouldn't she be allowed to write a book about party and event planning, which her family has made a career out of?

On the other hand, the notion of minor royals and royals-in-law cashing in on their regal connections irritates the British public - even at the best of times.

These, as we know, are not the best of times.

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The UK is in the grip of government-mandated austerity the likes of which has not been seen since the '50s, while unemployment is at 8.1 percent, most in 17 years.

There are serious fears that the nation, like the US, may be slipping back into recession. So it's not exactly looked upon highly that Pippa Middleton would do this.

Kate Middleton can do no wrong, engaging in worthy pursuits such as opening cancer centers and promoting UNICEF, all while being named Britain's best dressed.

Pippa’s book, meanwhile, is a guide to entertaining in style. Like it or not, she's held to a higher standard based on her royal connections, and it's not sitting well.

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