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Demi Lovato is all about taking fans behind the scenes of her life these days.

First, there was this video. Now, the singer has opened up about a number of topics in a new interview with Parade.

For starters, Lovato shares the life lessons she’s learned as a result of the past year, which featured a trip to rehab and an admission that she is Bipolar.

Demi Lovato Is Sober

“Be careful who you trust,” she tells the magazine, adding that the best way to deal with the negative side to fame is “to keep your chin up and stay strong and turn the other cheek. Kill ’em with kindness.”

Not every question was so serious, however. For example, what surprising fact about Demi might fans not know?

“I can touch my nose with my tongue,” she says. “And I used to have a gab in between my two front teeth.”

And her plans for the near future?

“Over the next year, I just want to continue to tour and have fun with music. Acting will come second. Music is my number one passion and I want to stick to music for a while.”