POLL: Who Will Win Big Brother 13?

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After more than two months of backstabbing, infighting, competition and mind-numbing absurdity, the 13th season of Big Brother comes to an end tonight.

One of the three remaining houseguests - Rachel Reilly, Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch - will walk out of there $500,000 richer after the jury casts its votes.

If either Rachel or Porsche wins HoH, it seems like a lock they will take the presumably beatable Adam to the Final Two. But then what? Who will win the grand prize?

Rachel Reilly on Big Brother
Adam Poch Pic
Porsche Briggs Pic

Will it be Rachel, the undisputed queen of challenges who has actually mellowed out and softened her edge, playing a smart social game in recent weeks?

Will it be Adam, the Tori Spelling-worshiping Big Brother fanboy who has been the pawn seemingly ever week, only to wrangle out of trouble every time?

Will it be Porsche, who may or may not know how the show works, but has won enough competitions lately to earn a spot in the finale? You tell us. Vote below.

Who will win Big Brother 13?