Mel Gibson Accused of Swindling, Trying to Run Over Costa Rican Guy

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Mel Gibson is being accused of an attempted assault in Costa Rica, and remarkably, Oksana Grigorieva seems to have nothing to do with this story at all.

Nader Sharif claims Mel bilked him out of $200,000 by cajoling him into investing in a recycled rubber company. Obviously, who didn't see THAT coming?

Sharif filed a lawsuit in June, in which he also claims Mel Gibson tried to mow him down in July, after the two ran into each other at a Costa Rican bakery.

Mel: Troubled Fella

Mel Gibson accused of violence? Who'd have guessed!

Sharif says Mel got violent, calling him "vile and offensive names" and threatening him with physical harm if he didn't skip town - and it got worse yet.

Sharif alleges Mel stormed out of the bakery and got into his car, then "accelerated the car to a high rate of speed" and drove the car directly at him.

While giving him the finger, natch!

Sharif says he jumped out of the way and was unharmed, but the emotional scars linger. Of course, a witness who saw this says he's completely full of it.

The witness says Mel was trying to enjoy a "sweet pastry" and coffee, when Sharif walked in the bakery and tried to confront him about the matter.

Mel asked Sharif to leave, to no avail. Then Mel left and Sharif followed. The witness says at no time did Mel drive toward Sharif. So that's something.

Bottom line: Don't expect this to go anywhere, as it appears this Sharif dude is trying to take advantage of Mel, recycled rubber company be damned.


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