Lady Gaga: Topless in Second "You and I" Fashion Video!

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Lady Gaga has released the second of SIX fashion-themed music videos for "You and I," each featuring a character from the official "You and I" video.

After portraying "Nymph" in the first version, Gaga plays black-clad "Bride" in the latest installment, which she tweeted to her 13,476,656 Little Monsters.

The film features Gaga wearing her outfit from the opening scenes of the official video, where the singer stands at the cornfield crossroads. Peep it:

During the video, Gaga dances around, slowly stripping away her blond wig and clothing until she's topless, hands covering her breasts. Delightful.

The newest iteration of the "You and I" saga is sweet at times, showing Gaga smiling, laughing and making goofy faces like an all-American girl.

There's also the briefest of appearances from her video co-star and rumored boyfriend Taylor Kinney of The Vampire Diaries fame. Watch for him!

All six films - her mermaid incarnation, Yuyi and her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, are still to come - were filmed in Nebraska, as was the original.

What do you think of Gaga's latest? And Gaga in general? Discuss!

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