Big Brother Recap: Competitors Refuse to Lose!

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As she reminds us approximately 40 times a week, Rachel is competitor on Big Brother who is here to compete in this game, vanquishing floaters in her path.

Porsche's instantly regrettable decision to pop Pandora's Box gave the more insane half of Brenchel, now public enemy #1, an opening. And she seized it.

Who was nominated for eviction, who won the veto and how did the events of Wednesday night set up the home stretch of the CBS show's 13th season?

THG recaps last night's Big Brother episode below ...

Despite the fact that she could no longer guarantee knocking one of them out, Porsche did the right thing putting Rachel and Jordan on the block instead of trying to backdoor them. Plus 3, because they're still forced to win the veto.

Kalia isn't happy about Pandora's Box, though. For good reason. Minus 19.

Tension between former allies Jordan and Shelly is thick. When the latter attempts to say hi nowadays, it's hilariously and uncomfortably awkward. Plus 4.

Adam is happy Shelly's in this mess, not him. Plus 5, because as useless as Adam is, he could end up being dragged to the final two and winning $50,000.

"They're not getting between me and my family. They haven't seen ruthless yet." - Shelly, on Jeff and Jordan. A little extreme, but we're intrigued. Wash.

"There is nothing we can do about the past. But we do have a future." - Rachel, to Jordan. Downright inspirational stuff from Future Mrs. Boo-Key! Plus 5.

Kalia farting on Dummy Lawon? There really are no words. Plus 3.

Adam being eliminated first? We'd have bet $1,000 on it. Plus 2.

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Rachel wins the pivotal Power of Veto - she's a competitor!! - and takes herself and Jordan off the block. Not only that, they now control two of three votes! Plus 6.

"She was on Brendon's back. That's where she likes to be." - Shelly. That was too easy ... and not even really correct. Come on Shell. Step up the zingers. Minus 4.

Man, Porsche really blew it this week. If this girl had half a brain, it would be lamenting the decision to grab. The other half would still be a total void. Plus 5.

With Adam and Shelly now on the block, it's clear who Rachel and Jordan are going after. Josie is not going to be pleased at tonight's viewing party. Minus 5.

Shelly attempts damage control, telling Jordan and Rachel she will help them because she knows she'll go out before the final two. Mmm hmm. The double eviction proved how fast things can change, but Shelly's day of reckoning may have arrived. Minus 8.

Could Rachel actually win this thing, given some of the dead weight around the house right now? Would people give the money to Kalia/Porsche instead of her? Plus 10 for Rachel's turnabout these past few weeks, much as it pains us.


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