Steve Wozniak Speaks on Steve Jobs Resignation, Apple Future

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Steve Wozniak says his fellow Apple co-founder Steve Jobs needs to relax.

In the wake of Jobs stepping down as CEO of the company they both founded, the Woz said, "Steve needs now to just have some 'Steve time' ... He deserves it."

Why? Not just because of his physical health problems, but mentally.

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"[Jobs] really has had to sacrifice a lot to run Apple ... I mean, just your time, everybody wants you day and night, that's what I mean by sacrifices."

"He has given his all. It takes so much out of anyone to be under just constant pressure and demands like that," Wozniak said of his fellow mogul.

As to the future of Apple, Wozniak is optimistic: "Remember, [Jobs] was surrounded by great, great people at Apple ... those people are still there."

It's true. Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who will take over as Apple CEO, has effectively run the company since Jobs' medical leave in January.

Short story: The iPad 3 and iPhone 5 are gonna be so awesome.