Russell Armstrong on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Phony BS!

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In one of the final interviews Russell Armstrong gave before hanging himself, the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went off on the series that made him famous and, it's clear at this point, led to his demise.

"Everything you see on that show is bullsh-t," Armstrong told The Fix. "Those Bravo bastards take every little argument out of context and magnify it for the cameras."

Russell and Taylor

Referring to Bravo producers as "evil overlords," Russell went on to say that viewers don't really know him.

"The Russell you see on TV has nothing to do with my real personality... It's just a character I play on TV," he said, admitting that character was "great for business."

Of course, that business fell apart - Russell was facing a $1.5 million lawsuit for scamming investors at the time of his death - along with his marriage to Taylor Armstrong.

Despite allegation of physical and emotional abuse against him, Russell had nothing but kind words for his wife during this interview. He gushed:

"She is the most sensitive, sweet woman I've ever met. Taylor's kind of like an angel. She really is everything to me. We watch these stories about our terrible marriage, and we lie in bed and laugh. The truth is we are really, really happy."

Sadly, we know that was far from the truth. Just a few weeks before season two was set to start filming, reports indicate Russell beat Taylor severely and then threatened Camille Grammer if she said a word about the incident.

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