Lucinda Moyers Defense: I'm a Prostitute!

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Lucinda Moyers is accused of breaking into Jeopardy host Alex Trebek's hotel room last month and stealing items that include a purse, a bracelet and $650. Trebek even tore his Achilles heel chasing after her.

But Mark Jacobs, the public defender handling Moyers' case, has a unique defense for his client: she's a prostitute, not a thief.

He told The San Francisco Weekly that Moyers was in the hotel to service a John (not Trebek, she says) and was never actually in Trebek's room. And no one can prove otherwise!

Lucinda Moyers Mug Shot

"He saw her in the hallway. There's no one who is going to be able to testify that she was seen in the room," Jacobs told the newspaper.

Saying Trebek simply "noticed the light from the door opening," but never actually witnesses anyone in his hotel suite, Jacobs explains Moyers' side of the incident:

"He went down and opened the door, and he looked down the hall, and he said he saw a person in the hallway. That's still up for debate, though... She said she was up there working as a prostitute. So, she didn't want hotel security to be involved in her business."

None of the allegedly stolen items were found on Moyers when police took her into custody. She will be in court for a hearing on August 15 and has two previous burglary convictions on her record.

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