America's Got Talent Review: Going Wild

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Piers Morgan has a heart. Who knew?!? This conclusion was drawn after the America's Got Talent judge selected Kinetic King as a Wild Card last night, one of four picks he made throughout the episode...

The Kinetic King - (Piers' Choice) - After bombing on live television, The Kinetic King blamed everything including fungus. In a smart move, The Kinetic King decided to pull the chord and this time the trick went off without a hitch. The only problem was that the camera shots were horrible. I liked the raising bars, the chain, and how the balloons worked. The trash cans at the end showed that he could play with scale. My Grade: A

Charles Peachock in Action

Those Funny Little People - (Howie's Choice) - We got a montage of elves falling and with toilet paper. The Istanbul theme was a better visual and the use of the weird camel and the three little people right next to the judges for no reason was interesting. Extra credit for the nun. The belly dancing was a good change, though it showed their lack of arm movements. My Grade: B

Avery & the Calico Hearts - (Sharon's Choice) - The fact that Avery hasn't been tapped by Nickelodeon is a shame. The girls have added backup dancers and chose a younger song. The arrangement was so Chippettes and the 80s colors juxtaposed the song choice. Avery has pipes, even though she sounds like she was on helium. My Grade: B-

Seth Grabel - (Howie's Choice) - There's a head to head magician face-off tonight between Seth and Landon. Seth started off in a very Vitruvian man way. His voice didn't have the power that a magician needed and the script was silly. Since we saw Aeon on the ring, I wasn't impressed. There weren’t enough tricks and the DeLorean with the kid judges was just steam and an appearing car. I loved young Sharon Osbourne because she looked like Kelly Osbourne. My Grade: C-

Shevonne - (Sharon's Choice) - We're reminded that her elimination was not unanimous, suggesting that Sharon supported her in Vegas. She chose "Nobody's Perfect" and while it started sleepy, Shevonne hit the power notes with energy. She was pitchy throughout the performance, but the visuals and the fire were smart. My Grade: C+

West Springfield Dance Team - (Sharon's Choice) - WSDT had the biggest advantage of performing last week and still being fresh on stage. Their coaches were pushing them hard during the week to slightly illegal levels. Their Joker routine wasn't as cool, but it had better use of the stage and formation. The flaw was that the performance looked like they choreographed it in a few hours. My Grade: D+

J. Chris Newberg - (Howie's Choice) - I knew that Chris was going for blood when he said "I thought that Harry Potter killed him (Piers)." Chris decided to go with a roast of Piers which worked better in the 90 second format than his guitar jokes. The problem is that if Chris returned to the guitar, he's going to lose. The jokes had enough bite and the reference to Piers’ CNN show won me over. My Grade: A-

Yellow Designs Stunt Team - (Sharon's Choice) - After having the blacklight Matt Wilhelm, YDST had to go with strong theming to win. I was surprised by the combination of Lady GaGa and pirates. It was if they were trying to milk both themes. The tricks were cleaner this time around, except for one small stumble near the end. My Grade: B+

Charles Peachock - (pictured, Piers' Choice) - Charles went back a step with his last act, so upping the danger was his only option. He started off trying to chop fire with a chainsaw, and then proceeded to juggle. It wasn't dangerous after seeing his pants on fire. There was more intensity with the balancing of the knives, but when he dropped his knives, he lost my vote. My Grade: D

The Fiddleheads - (Howie's Choice) - The Fiddleheads’ version of "Grenade" made more sense than Michael Jackson. The song was too high for the lead singer; his falsetto wasn't the best. The arrangement was strong, right until the power ending because it didn't match the song. If the Fiddleheads considered lowering the key, I would have liked it better. My Grade: B-

Summerwind Skippers - (Piers' Choice) - Summerwind had the unfortunate luck of going first during their last performance. They were smart and decided to go with fire (we've seen that on America's Next Dance Crew). The team immediately messed up a group trick and it was blaringly obvious. The routine looked more like schoolyard skipping than their prior performances. The fire was used in a non-Double Dutch way that even I could jump over the fire. My Grade: C+

Landon Swank - (Piers' Choice) - Landon Swank (and wife) had a great act that I've never seen before the last time, so he decided to up the flashiness. Why did both magicians have to start with annoying voice-overs? The trick had intensity and I liked watching that he could get the handcuffs off. The curtain was for dramatic purposes, but you knew that the box had double hinge doors, so the end was cliché. My Grade: A-

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