The Situation On Ex-Manager's Lawsuit: Please!

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is hitting back publicly at claims made by his former manager, which filed a $1 million lawsuit against him Friday.

Contrary to Gotham Management's claim that Sitch got famous because they repped him, the Jersey Shore star says they don't deserve credit.

Richard Wolfe, Mike's lawyer, says Gotham's suit "is filled with falsities," and that the "did MORE HARM than good to Michael and his career."

Ugly Situation

The one thing everyone agrees on? Mike is really famous!

Gotham claims in its lawsuit that it made The Situation a star, which is the basis for the seven-figure compensation it's seeking to collect.

Wolfe, however, says it's Mike's brother, Marc Sorrentino, who "works tirelessly to build the brand that is Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino."

The Sitch, who reportedly bailed on Jersey Shore this week, and who fired Gotham in May, will pay what is owed but not a dime more.

As for his status on Jersey Shore, it's far from clear. Reports say he got into quarrel during filming, ripped off his mic and peaced out.

A week prior, Vinny Guadagnino did virtually the same thing.