So You Think You Can Dance Results: Who Went Home?

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We’re inching closer to the 10 contetants that will be performing with the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars, as two more got the boot tonight. Let’s jump right in...

Farewell, Chris Koehl and Ashley Rich

Group Dance - Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan): There were only six guys in the opening and I assumed that Chris was the one missing because of how awful he was in the guys' group dance. The seven girls came in the center and none of them really stood out; the after-effect of only having jazz/contemporary women. The dance was colorful, but some of the camera movements were disjointed. My favorite aspects were watching the women's skirts spinning and the circle choreography.

Eliminations - First, some happy news. Melanie and Marko were safe after having a dynamic jazz routine. Caitlynn and Mitchell were also safe because they had the last performance spot. Making Mary Murphy cry was good.

Of the second group, Chris and Ashley were in the bottom because they clearly messed up their salsa. Chris brought the couple down and Ashley couldn't do anything really to save them. Clarice and Jess were safe, leaving Jordan and Tadd in the bottom three. I had a feeling that the Waltz wasn't dynamic enough to get voter support. The couple was in the bottom three back in week one, so it might not have the strongest fan base, though I'm sure Tadd is trying his best to get the Filipino vote.

In the last set of dancers Sasha and Alexander were safe, thus proving that Sasha has a great fan base. Natalia holding up posters must be working. Ryan and Ricky were in the bottom three. They were in the bottom in week two, proving that they have wavering support. Their routine could have also skewed a bit gay. Seeing Ryan in tears was a sign she thought she was going home.

Musical Performance - Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet: I love that SYTYCD can have guests come in and show what exemplary dance looks like. The routine had both heart thumping music and many intricate shapes. Even the easiest of arm gestures had grace and nuance. The end sequence where the five dancers were walking was beautiful.

Ashley - Continued to do a routine that was light and graceful; it was a continuation of her last bottom three routine. She had nice holds and leaps, but I felt like it didn't add much to her dancing skills. Her solo looked like she's plateaued.

Chris - Had really strong isolations and really good tricks. I liked his strong arm movement and the bone breaking. Chris danced like he had one section of choreography, walked to a spot, and then did another set of choreography. He ended with an extra flip for good measure well after the song.

Jordan - Continued her sexy routines, but unlike Ashley, the sexy music Jordan selects was dynamic. Her extensions were insane and her spin sequence was something I didn't see before. Jordan maintains her style but is growing as a dancer as the weeks progress.

Tadd - I love that Tadd went with old school Gloria Estefan and had the early b-boy pop and lock moves. I'm a bit confused why he wasted time with the 1-2-3 section just pointing to the audience when we saw Robert last week go home after most of his dancing was trying to appeal to the crowd. The rest of his breaking skills were powerful and his humor differentiated him from Chris' more serious routine.

Ryan - Had speed in her performance when the music wasn't that fast of a tempo. I liked how she tried her best to put as many moves in as possible. Ryan learned her lesson to make sure that her choreography was filled with content; she was fighting as hard as she could to survive.

Ricky - Had the best extensions and air. Even though he wobbled out of his spin sequence, the rest of his performance was beautiful. Ricky's strength is his solos, but soon he won't have the luxury of the judges' support.

Musical Guest: Florence + The Machine "Cosmic Love" - Florence's voice is soothing. I'd love to see the song choreographed later in the season when an all-star shows up to bring the song to life. Since the show is about dance, I wished Travis Wall choreographed something.

ELIMINATION TIME: Through Ashley and Chris were hot in their Broadway routine a few weeks back, neither could live up to their hype. Chris wasn’t adjusting into other genres - and, in all reality, any of the contemporary/jazz girls could go and I wouldn’t blink. These were the right choices.

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