Nicki Minaj Calls Cops on Alleged Hotel Attacker

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Nicki Minaj says she was struck in the face by a male acquaintance yesterday. But the artist does not want to press any charges. Here's what went down:

Minaj and an unidentified man were allegedly arguing poolside at the Palomar Hotel in Dallas. As the verbal sparring intensified, the man left for his hotel room, the singer told an employee to call the cops and then she followed the man back inside.

Once there, she says he hit her in the lower lip.

Minaj, Nicki

When the police arrived, Minaj explained what happened but said she did not want to press charges. She added that the opponent was not her boyfriend.

Nicki faced a very different kind of tragedy earlier this month: her cousin was murdered.

UPDATE: Police reports indicate the man with whom Nicki tussled is manager Safaree Samuels. He reportedly opened a gash across her lip with a suitcase while the two fought over it.



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