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A truce has been called among the Grammers.

Former spouses Camille and Kelsey have agreed to a temporary deal surrounding custody of their kids, which has been an ongoing point of contention.

The agreement indicates when Kelsey gets custody and where. Camille will apparently have both kids more often, but the deal was to his satisfaction and will accommodate his schedule, which is much busier.

Kelsey Grammer in a Tux
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Previous reports indicated that Kelsey wanted his son to be with him in Chicago, but not his daughter. Under the deal, the two will not be separated.

Kelsey also claimed Camille smells like beef jerky, but later blamed that on someone hacking his email, so you never really know with these two.

In any event, despite the deal, bigger discussions of money and permanent custody are still on the table and haven’t been amicably resolved yet.