The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Debt Becomes Her ...

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Be it in Morocco or New York, the Real Housewives can't stay out of trouble or each other's business. Let's recap their ups and downs with our +/- review!

On her return from Morocco, Ramona sets up a serious date night. Negligee, rose petals, the works but Mario leaves her waiting which gets a Minus 5

Ramona tells him about the fortune teller. Wow, that took some guts. Of course he denies that there's anyone else and hey, we have no proof that there is but Mario just comes off sleazy to me. Then Ramona gives him a foot massage. Did anyone else feel like she was trying too hard?

Real Housewives Romance

Simon gets a Plus 8 for being the only husband to pick his wife up at the airport. That is always romantic but the basket full of panties and Simon's comments while Alex models the lingerie made me cringe. What really killed it for me was having to listen to Simon's cheesy lines. I suppose Alex must find it a turn on but Minus 5 for me.

Cindy's slideshow was making me dizzy and I can't believe Sonja cut her out of all of the photos. Petty but very funny and I'll give Sonja a Plus 5 for admitting it.

Sonja takes a trampoline class? For adults and coed? OK, I'm out of the loop. What the heck goes on in a trampoline class?

Sonja keeps the tags on all of her clothes. Minus 7 for being incredibly tacky. And yet she's declaring bankruptcy for $19 million. Whatever happened must have been a very bad business deal. Damn. There's obviously details we're not getting. I'm wondering if Sonja even understands them all herself.

Yeah, Jill earned a Minus 7 for inappropriate questions in a public setting. I think Jill starts off trying to be helpful but takes it too far. On the other hand, Sonja's an adult and can tell her she doesn't want to discuss it any more.
Jill Schemes

Jill's certainly in her element designing Bobby's suits. Now she's branding her husband's shirts with her initials. I'll give her Plus 5 for that one. Never would have occurred to me.

Jill's developing shapewear and having a Housewives focus group. She didn't invite Ramona and that seems petty on her part, especially after they vowed to start over after Morocco so Minus 5

Even worse, it felt like Alex couldn't wait to run and tell Ramona. For all of Alex's peacemaking talk, she certainly goes out of her way to cause trouble. Alex earns a Minus 6.

The fight of the week goes to Luann and Alex. Alex just can't let it go. She carries this fight all the way from Morocco. Luann actually lasts longer at the lunch than I expected.

Alex is absolutely right when she calls Luann out for being haughty and dismissive. However the part I love is that the Countess honestly doesn't give a damn. "Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes." Plus 10 for unapologetically owning that superiority complex. 


Tune in next week when it looks like Ramona jumps back on the crazy train. Until then, keep in mind that even high end designers can make Herman Munster shoes.

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