So You Think You Can Dance Results Shocker: Who's Out?

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From the boring Keri Hilson performance to the bland opening of Lady Gaga's music video, much of this episode felt like a waste of time.

The big question, of course, is which could would be eliminated after the previous night's performances on So You Think You Can Dance?

Here's our recap from beginning to end ...

Cat Deeley Picture

Group Dance - Jazz: The dance reminded me of a 90s routine; the throwback factor was actually nice. Then again, I like anything Sonya Tayeh produces.

Pre-Elimination Drama: The first three couples were up and Melanie & Marko, Missy & Wadi, and Iveta & Nick were easily safe. Ashley & Chris and Caitlynn were safe, while Jordan & Tadd and Clarice & Jess were the first two of the bottom three. Finally, Ryan & Ricky and Sasha & Alexander were safe, leaving Miranda & Robert in the bottom three. I wasn't surprised much, save for Jess not having the fan base I expected.

Musical Guest - Keri Hilson, "Lose Control": If this routine didn't scream pre-recorded and lip-synced, I don't know what would. I think the highlight was when her feather earrings got stuck in her mouth. It's not like Keri was even dancing so intensely that she'd be out of breath.

Special Performance - Gopak (Gennadi Saveliev): The dance fanatic in me thought that the leaps and kicks were amazing, but the ignorant guy in me remembered when I used to win Tetris rounds and the little Russian Dancers would celebrate. I was in the minority that thought Jeanine & Phillip did a good job doing the routine (I thought the pot-stir at the end was amazing), so this dance was like watching a celebration of dance.


Mitchell - I thought Mitchell's holds and slower motions were an interesting tactic with such limited time. He definitely fell out of a few of his places as well.

Jordan - Jordan continued her sexy streak with the hooker jiggles and high splits. I'm not sure if prancing around would sell it enough for me, and it seems as if every girl has really good splits in their repertoire.

Tadd - Tadd was smart to open from the side of the stage and his music choice of "Jump, Jive, and Wail" was great, especially when he emphasized the beats at the end. Sonya was impressed and that's enough for me.

Clarice - I liked the opening split, but she was prancing around a lot like Jordan. The difference was she had a bit more difficulty in her routine.

Jess - I knew from the hat we were in for a treat. Jess does Broadway well, but ever since his original audition, he's danced with a bit of a cold shoulder.

Miranda - Her performance was a happy change of pace and showed some real emotions. She was a bit wobbly during the whole performance probably because she was filled with adrenaline.

Robert - Robert's good at getting the crowd to like him, but the performance lacked content. His MJ-inspired moves were good, but redundant.

Musical Preview - Lady Gaga, "The Edge of Glory": The big news was that Lady Gaga will be judging on SYTYCD later this season, which seems like a better fit than her mentoring on American Idol.

Her music video (or what we got of it) was a bit slow and vacant. There was something missing after "Judas" was a bit more on the epic side.

Everybody Stays!


Nigel asked to Mitchell and Robert to dance again, totally throwing off Cat.

After the producers scrambled to get rid of the elimination chairs, Robert had his music play again and he did a lot better the second time because he started over dancing and adding elements of interest.

In Mitchell's second turn, I'm surprised he decided to still go slow, but I thought that he upped his game with fewer nervous movements.

Nigel started the eliminations as he normally does: Jordan was told she was amazing, Clarice was told she was she had a nice smile and Miranda had amazing elevation.

Then, to the utter confusion of the contestants and Cat, Nigel moved onto the guys: Jess was told he was magnificent, Tadd was creative and had a great Jazz routine, Robert has big personality, and Mitchell was also a good dancer.

Nigel then announced that no one will be going home, but next week, four people will be eliminated. The double elimination will give some more exposure to all the dancers, but potentially backfire and eliminate Jess & Clarice.

What did you think of this So You Think You Can Dance shocker?

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