Lady Gaga Accused of Stiffing Charity

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Lady Gaga may be facing a courtroom showdown after accusations that she didn't give money to a Japanese earthquake charity as she had promised.

According to reports, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the "Born This Way" singer regarding the sale of her We Pray For Japan wristbands.

The proceeds were supposed to go to victims of the disaster that rocked the region earlier this year. The question is whether they actually did.

Lovin' Gaga

Gaga charged $5 for the bands, another $3.99 for shipping and handling and $0.60 for taxes. But a lawsuit claims she inflated the costs, pocketing extra cash.

Also, it alleges she refused to reveal how much of the $5 actually goes to the actual victims. It is not revealed how much she is accused of taking off the top.

This would be unfortunate if it were the case, but it doesn't sound like our girl and could be a completely frivolous lawsuit, or the result of a legitimate error.

We'll wait to hear Lady Gaga's side before assuming anything.



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