Insult to Injury: Ronnie Ridicules Situation After Ass-Whomping

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Jersey Shore's Ronnie beat up The Situation in Italy this week.

While it's not entirely clear why, it's also not hard to venture a guess. After Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola got into a nuclear blowout (shocker, we know), Mike somehow got in the middle of it (another shocker, we know).

Ronnie then delivered a beatdown, and proceeded to mock Situation by stealing his douche-tastic move of lifting his shirt and flashing his abs to fans on the street.

Ronnie Magro, Bandage
Situation Post-Beating

THE AFTERMATH: Ron cut up his hand pretty good rearranging Sitch's face, which he tried (in vain) to hide from photographers today for the first time in his life.

This is Ronnie's third violent incident documented on Jersey Shore. Two of the three - his "One Shot" KO of Stephen Izzo and pounding of Sitch - were well received by fans. His near domestic abuse of Sam? Not so much.

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