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Despite losing their appeal, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are STILL going after Mark Zuckerberg, saying he and Facebook ruthlessly defrauded them.

The Winkelevoss twins are not giving up on their claims against Zuckerberg and the social networking site, which they claim was there idea originally.

They point to two damning IMs as proof that Zuck f*%ked them.

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Photo via Frederick M. Brown

Zuckerberg and Facebook settled with the genetic freaks for $65 million, but they’ve been trying to undo the deal, on grounds of fraud, to obtain more.

The Winklevii want a federal appellate court to reexamine their settlement with Facebook, acknowledge that the IMs are proof of fraud and nullify it.

Tyler and Cameron claim Facebook intentionally withheld messages sent by Mark saying, “Yeah, I’m going to f**k them … probably in the [ear].”

In another IM, Zuckerberg allegedly told a friend:

“But [the twins] made a mistake haha. They asked me to make it for them. So I’m like delaying it so it won’t be ready until after the facebook comes out.”

Maybe The Social Network was more accurate than we thought …