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Jon Gosselin basically felt his marriage to Kate was a giant mind f–k. Now the duo’s former marriage counselors say she’s screwing with them as well.

Creative Energy Options of Pennsylvania claims she never forked over more than $10,000 she owes for services in 2009. Talk about commitment issues!

Right? Hello, is this thing on? Anyone out there?

Jon Gosselin in Hospital

Did Kate stiff Jon AND people who tried to help her work it with Jon?

A company called filed a lawsuit against Kate, claiming back in 2009, she requested one of their marriage counselors to “fly to Los Angeles, Ca., to perform marriage counseling, then refused to pay for services or travel fees.”

Dr. Sylvia Lafair, the president of C.E.O., says she’s reached out to Kate several times in hopes of receiving their payment but she never produced a check.

“There are commitments that people make,” she says, “and they should be followed through.” Well, ideally yes, but you know how these things work out …

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