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The famously private Carrie Underwood opens up about her marriage to NHL player Mike Fisher in the new issue of Us. Not sure how they got her to agree to that.

Perhaps to clear the air about their marriage being on the rocks? It’s been reported several times, and while she says it’s not true, maybe the rumor got to her.

The American Idol winner does admit that it’s been a challenge …

Carrie Underwood, Husband
Photo via Getty Images for CMT

After nine months as long-distance newlyweds, Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville in February. Carrie Underwood has been giddy ever since.

“It was like, he’s coming to live with me! I can go to work, he can go to work, and we can both come home, and we’ll be together,” she gushed to Us.

But rooming together in her gated Brentwood, Tennessee, development, though joyous, has led to some growing pains and difficulties as well.

“To be honest, on our days off, we just hang out. Just learning how to live together has been fun and frustrating and everything in between.”

They watch TV and read the Bible, says a source, who adds, “They’re not into partying.” As for kids, she’s in no hurry: “We have plenty of time!”