UCLA Girl Bashes Asian Students; Jimmy Wong Responds With "Ching Chong" Song

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A white UCLA girl recently posed a fairly racist YouTube rant about Asians in the library at her school. This, understandably, prompted a barrage of responses.

None better than Jimmy Wong’s acoustic song, however. “Ching Chong (It Means I Love You)” has propelled the young singer into quasi-Internet stardom.

He's got a ways to go to catch young Rebecca Black, but Wong's reaction to Alexandra Wallace's rant about Asians disrupt campus life was an instant hit:

“The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts, which is fine, but if you’re going to come to UCLA, then use American manners,” she said.

After 5 million YouTube views and about as many apologies, Wallace removed the video (it's been re-posted many times) and announced she’s leaving UCLA.

Wong’s song, which begins with him speaking with a faux-Asian English accent, was the most popular of dozens of replies and contains some lyrical gems.

Follow the jump for the girl's online venting that started it all ...

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