Michael Jackson Surveillance Video: Erased!

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Today, lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray will go to court to ask that authorities turn over all of the surveillance videos from Michael Jackson's house.

Slight problem with that.

The surveillance video of MJ's home the day he died has been erased. No one thought this would be a criminal case and it was simply taped over.

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The death of Michael Jackson remains cloaked in mystery.

The LAPD only copied four minutes of footage - Jackson coming home from rehearsal at around 12:30 a.m. June 25. The rest is gone for good.

When the LAPD obtained the video just after MJ's death, the case was not a homicide investigation. All they wanted to do was establish a timeline.

At the time, its only relevance was showing when MJ came home. Cops never looked at the rest of the video, which re-records every 24 hours.

The video would have shown who entered the house and when, on the day Michael Jackson died. It will now and forever remain a mystery.

What Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team plans to make of that is another question. Might this lack of evidence help establish reasonable doubt?

All we know is that the Michael Jackson death timeline has been in dispute since that very day, and convicting Murray won't be a slam dunk.

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