Dr. Conrad Murray Seeking "Responsible" Jurors in Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case

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Jury selection gets underway this week in the manslaughter case involving Michael Jackson's death, and Dr. Conrad Murray is targeting responsible people.

What we mean by that is 12 men and/or women who take responsibility for their actions. Reading between the lines a bit - less likely to scapegoat others.

A big part of Dr. Murray's defense is that Michael was a hard-core addict who hid his dependence, thus absolving Murray of blame for what happened.

Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

One of the more revealing questionnaire items: "Do you believe patients have the responsibility to tell their doctors about their complete past and current social behaviors, including use of drugs, alcohol and prescription medications?"

Murray may also contend that Jackson killed himself with the final, lethal dose of Propofol, but it's interesting that he's playing up MJ's past as well.

Other questions focus on what people think of the case:

  • Do you have a blog? If so, describe.
  • Are you active on social networks. If so, which?

Answers may lead Murray's lawyers to spontaneous comments of prospective jurors that could be more revealing than answers they give in court.

Perhaps hinting at Murray's own financial problems, the questionnaire also asks "Do you financially support others outside your immediate family?"

"At what age should a person be held accountable for their decisions, actions and consequences," is another item he's using to select the jurors.

Basically, the defense is looking for people believing in personal responsibility who are less likely to blindly point the finger at MJ's former doctor.

YOU be the jury as it stands now: Dr. Conrad Murray ...

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