The Bachelor Recap: Bungle in the Jungle

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This week's episode of The Bachelor featured a trip to Costa Rica, Michelle upping the crazy to levels we didn't know existed and two more women eliminated.

One of whom we pretty much forgot was still on the show, a sign that it's been a pretty smooth ride for Brad so far. The tough decisions will really begin next week.

How did last night's dates play out? Who went home and who are the final six remaining? Let's break it all down right here in THG's trademark +/- recap!

Brad Womack: Bachelor

Michelle, after Chantal Ohhhh received the first one-on-one date: "All I can do is be myself, be patient, and hope that she gets attacked by monkeys." Plus 8.

Obligatory Bachelor zip line / "take the plunge together" moment! Minus 5.

Chantal O’Brien in a men's white button-down shot? Not so unhot. Plus 12.

The good news about this date, which obviously ended with her getting a rose, was that Brad actually appeared human. The bad news? This is rare. Minus 4.

Costa Rica is looking pretty beautiful, Plus 3. ABC must love this cast.

On the group date, Brad, Jackie, Emily, Britt, Ashley, Michelle and Shawntel N. rappel down a rocky cliff. Minus 9 for Brad breaking his word to Michelle that he would never rappel with another girl, and for Chris running out of date ideas.

Michelle: "If [Brad] can’t make a decision, I’ll be forced to take matters into my own hands." Someone check the crawlspace of her house for bodies. Plus 6.

“Alli has all the qualities I want in a wife,” - Brad. He must have said this based on reading her resume, because it didn't look that way in person. Minus 15.

Despite Brad dispatching a competitor just then, Michelle emerged to complain and talk down the others. Girl is becoming unhinged before our eyes! Plus 7.

Michelle denies to the other girls that she talked to Brad after he laments the grief he's been getting. Weak. At least call them out to their faces. Minus 17.

Chantal drops the L-bomb on Brad. Too soon? Perhaps, but The Bachelor spoilers suggest this one's in it until the end. We'll see if that comes true. Plus 8.

Jackie is ousted at the most predictable rose ceremony ever. Minus 6.

You have to give Michelle Money credit. She is really putting herself out there. And by herself, we mean her mammoth chest, on top of Brad, in the preview for next week. Plus 13, because this is either going to be very successful or very not.


ROSE RECIPIENTS: Ashley Hebert, Britt Billmaier, Chantal O’Brien, Emily Maynard, Michelle Money and Shawntel Newton.

OUT: All Travis and Jackie Gordon. (Seriously, who?! Minus 3.)

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