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Since the release of the Chippy D sex tape last fall, Montana Fishburne became sort of a household name. At least in gossip and/or adult video circles.

Her troubled past has since come to light as well, and the aspiring porn star now says she was jerked around (so to speak) in her assault conviction.

Montana Fishburne blieves she was duped by prosecutors who she says went back on the plea bargain she struck, and her lawyer has court over it.

COME HITHER: Montana would like some raw justice.

Montana’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed legal papers in L.A., claiming that last June, prosecutors who filed the assault case agreed to allow Montana to enter a rehab program for 90 days, and in return she’d get no jail time.

Montana, based on the L.A. City Attorney’s offer, entered a rehab center in September. She is seeking psychiatric help for myriad issues in the facility.

According to Holley, prosecutors did an about-face in November and told her they wanted Montana to serve 120 days in jail (she is serving 180 in rehab).

Holley has gone to the judge, asking her to enforce the deal her client relied on.

Be it behind bars or in a treatment facility, hopefully she gets the help she needs and gets back to doing what she loves soon. Right, Laurence?